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"BIOTEC" is an industrial energy company that has been successfully operating since 2008 in the field of energy production from renewable sources.

The success and credibility of the company is constantly maintained by a considerable staff of professionals as well as our own production facilities, experimental research department with the laboratory.

The main areas of business include providing a full range of design, construction, commissioning and servicing of plants for the production of fuel from algae biomass.

Company "BIOTEC" developed a new method of culturing algae Chlorella based on utilization of carbon dioxide , followed by processing a number of valuable products . One of the advances in the processing of algae biomass was synthesis process in which in an industrial scale , we obtain:

- petrol;

- kerosene;

- diesel.

The company goal is to provide consumers with alternative fuels and other forms of energy.

In 2010, "BIOTEC" company launched the new project "BIOTEC LIGHT" based on energy saving and energy efficiency, which means the rational use of energy resources, in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection. Several plants producing energy-efficient lighting based on LEDs were put into production. "BIOTEC" produces and sells modern, led, high-tech products: lamps, fixtures, panels, projectors, lights, advertising design. All products have 3 to 5 years warranty depending on their type. Modern last generation LEDs with technical characteristics that are 20% - 30% better than their ancestors are used in production. Average life cycle of "BIOTEC" product is more than 50,000 hours, and the light output of lamps and fixtures is 3.7 times higher than that of fluorescent lamps and 9 times higher than of incandescent lamps. The company cooperates with international manufacturers of LEDs and guarantees high quality of its lighting, reliability and durability of LED products, ease of installation and easy operation, and high quality service, order processing efficiency, the availability of all products from the catalog at stock and fast delivery of goods. "BIOTEC LIGHT" products proved to be excellent when used in offices, residential and industrial premises.

Future Technology is LED lighting. Today "BIOTEC" continues to develop LED lighting and a variety of LED designs that come to replace the traditional lighting in modern world.

You can buy LED products under the "BIOTEC" brand at retail and wholesale from our representatives. Their list is in the "Contacts" section.